BWI Marshall Airport COVID-19 Information image containing an airport logo, text that reads 'Coronavirus COVID-19 Info' and an image of the CDC's digital representation of COVID-19

BWI Marshall Airport is a critical part of the nation's transportation network and one of our region's largest economic drivers. As an important measure to protect public health, we want to encourage social distancing among those with essential travel needs.

A negative COVID-19 test is not required for domestic travel; however health officials continue to recommend testing and to have your negative test results with you as you travel.

Here a few steps we are taking to keep the traveling public and airport employees safe:

  • Social distancing floor markers are added in a number of locations throughout the terminal, including at restaurants, retail shops and airline ticketing and boarding areas
  • Photograph of a display board at BWI Marshall Airport indicating proper social distancing in real-time at Security Checkpoint BPlexiglas partitions have been installed at high-traffic, person-to-person areas, such as security checkpoint document check podiums, airline counters, airport restaurant and retail shop checkouts
  • The implementation of a real-time social distancing monitoring and reporting system at security checkpoints (learn more from this press release)
  • The installation of a Virtual Information Desk to allow passengers to safely receive assistance from our remote-based Pathfinder volunteers. The desk is located near Baggage Claim belts 4-5.
  • Those riding BWI Marshall Airport shuttle buses are urged to enter/exit the buses using the middle and rear doors
  • Parking Ambassadors are in place during peak travel times at both the terminal and Daily Garage to assist with social distancing aboard shuttles
  • In accordance to Governor Larry Hogan's March 19, 2020 directive, access to the BWI Marshall Airport terminal is restricted to ticketed passengers and badged employees only
  • Those picking up arriving passengers are urged to use our Cell Phone Lot 
  • Passengers are encouraged to use a mobile device for flight check-in and to retrieve boarding passes
  • Restaurants and retail shops are operating with limited services and capacity (see more info here)
  • Seating in food courts has been reduced/rearranged in a manner that promotes social distancing
  • Coordinating with TSA to close some lanes at security checkpoints in order to provide additional separation between passengers awaiting processing
  • Working with our airline partners to utilize every other ticket counter, when possible, to process passengers required to check bags
  • Urge airlines to minimize check-in lines as best they can
  • To reduce the number of people gathering in the airport security badging office, employees are temporarily allowed to renew their security badges without having to report to the security office in-person

For more COVID-19 efforts at BWI Marshall Airport, please click here.