BWI Marshall Airport COVID-19 Information image containing an airport logo, text that reads 'Coronavirus COVID-19 Info' and an image of the CDC's digital representation of COVID-19

A negative COVID-19 test is not required for domestic travel; however health officials continue to recommend testing and to have your negative test results with you as you travel. Learn more by clicking here.

Please note: access to the BWI Marshall Airport terminal is restricted to ticketed passengers and badged employees. 

For those who choose to travel, please comply with COVID-19 protocols as well as the following checklist of travel tips.

safety checklist featuring graphics and the 10 tips listed below

Click the image above to view or download a full-size image. 

1) Look for symptoms
2) Arrive early
3) Access to the BWI Marshall Airport terminal is restricted
4) Wear a face mask or covering
5) Do not travel if you are ill
6) Wash your hands frequently
7) Avoid touching your face
8) Practice social distancing
9) Use hand sanitizer when handwashing isn't an option
10) Use mobile boarding pass to minimize contact

BWI Marshall Airport is distributing face coverings to passengers, free of charge, while supplies last. Details here.

For more COVID-19 efforts at BWI Marshall Airport, please click here.