Family Restrooms

BWI Marshall Airport has family restrooms in many locations throughout the terminal building. There are four on Concourse A – one before security between security and the bank (equipped with an adult changing table), one just past security near the Phillips restaurant, one at gate A9 and one in baggage claim on the lower level.

There are five family restrooms in the Concourse B area – one at security, one near the Silver Diner restaurant, one at gate B2, another at gate B7 and one at baggage claim belt 5.

Concourse C has one family restroom – at gate C7.

There is one family restroom in the B/C Connector (equipped with an adult changing table).

There are three near Concourse D – one is in the upper level back hallway near Hudson News, one in the back hallway behind the Delta Air Lines ticket counter, and one at gate D7 (equipped with an adult changing table).

Map of the Family Restrooms