Keeping You Moving While on the Move is Easy at BWI Marshall Airport

Whether you are a regular gym rat or simply want to get the kinks out before a flight, BWI Marshall Airport has a fitness option to suit your needs. From a full-fledged gym workout (with shower), to a leisurely stroll around the Concourses on our Cardio Trail, to navigating your way around the airport's 12.5 mile Hiker/Biker trail, whatever your fitness goals dictate, we have an activity to suit your needs.

ROAM Fitness

Our 1,175 sq.ft. ADA accessible gym is located after the D/E security checkpoint and provides travelers with access to cardio equipment, stretching space, free weights, medicine balls, stability balls, a TRX system, and yoga props.

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First of its kind full-service fitness facility with showers open in the D/E connector.

Cardio Trail sign in BWI Marshall Airport

BWI Marshall Airport Cardio Trail

Walk the BWI Marshall Airport Cardio Trail to enjoy some exercise, relieve stress, and maintain a healthy heart.

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Interactive Wayfinding map being used on a tablet.

Fitness at BWI Marshall Airport

Find your way to fitness at BWI Marshall Airport.

Benson Hammond House

Interested in visiting a hidden gem featured on the National Registry of Historical Places? The Benson Hammond House just so happens to be located on a corner of the BWI Marshall Airport's grounds!

Learn about the Benson Hammond House

Image sourced from The Ann Arundell County Historical Society