A complimentary, basic Wi-Fi service is available for our guests through our Wi-Fi vendor Boingo Wireless. 

Travelers selecting the complimentary wireless option may be prompted to watch a brief advertisement before a 45-minute wireless session. There is no limit to the number of free Wi-Fi sessions. A fee-based Wi-Fi service is also available for travelers that prefer greater bandwidth or an uninterrupted, commercial-free session.

Boingo Wireless At BWI Marshall Airport

To connect to the free service, follow the steps below:
1. Connect to the "BWI Free WiFi" network.
2. Launch a web browser on your device, if you are not directed to the Boingo login page, visit http://www.wifilauncher.com.
3. Under "BWI Free Unlimited Wi-FI", select "Get Online Now" to begin your free session.
4. Enjoy!

For assistance in connecting to the Boingo Wireless service at BWI Marshall Airport, please visit https://support.boingo.com/s/consumer or tweet @Boingo.